Web and FTP stats are usually included in the standard website hosting service. They'll tell you how your Internet sites behave regarding popularity and visits, which can help you develop different sections or change a marketing campaign. There are various programs with which you can monitor the traffic to a site and while some of them are more specific, there is a basic amount of data they all present. This includes the day-to-day and the monthly visits, the referrer - i.e. if the visits came directly or from a third-party website, the most visited webpages, etc. This sort of info can offer you an idea of where most of the traffic comes from or which webpages are more widely used, so that you can take measures and correct the content on the other pages or start promoting in a different way, to increase the amount of visitors and the time they remain on the site. Subsequently, this will allow you to get the maximum profits.

Web & FTP Statistics in Cloud Hosting

The Webalizer and AWStats apps, supplied with all cloud hosting plans, will provide you with comprehensive by the hour, daily and monthly reports concerning the number of website visitors on any website hosted in your account. You can access this information with a couple of clicks in your Hepsia Control Panel and check out neat graphs and tables. You can save/download them, if necessary. The reports offer much more than just the total number of visits, though - you could monitor the amount of time the website visitors spent on your website, the first and the last web page they opened, the web pages that received most hits, the visitors’ IPs and location, the referring search engines, the keywords which were used, etcetera. This information will give you a far greater perception of how your sites are performing and which parts should be boosted, together with details about the effects of any promotional initiatives you may be running.

Web & FTP Statistics in Semi-dedicated Servers

When you start a semi-dedicated server account with us, you will get 2 programs that will enable you to see detailed reports of the whole incoming website traffic. Webalizer and AWStats could be accessed with a few mouse clicks via the Hepsia hosting Control Panel and they will provide you with data not just about the amount of website visitors on an hourly, day-to-day and monthly basis, but also regarding the search engines they came from, the keywords they were searching for, the hottest landing and exit pages, the time-span of the visits and much, much more. The info, that will be presented with the help of practical downloadable charts and tables, will help you identify which parts of your websites do not perform efficiently. After that you can improve their content or correct your advertising strategies to get more traffic to them, which in turn shall bring more visitors and potential clients.